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Self-Contained Pressure Washers

Series 40

Model 41-425, 41-435, 41-440
12V Direct Drive on Wheels
This series offers a self-contained unit that is easily portable due to a four wheel kit of pneumatic tires on standard dish wheels. Flow output on the 41 series Direct Drive ranges from 3.5 to 5 GPM, and 2500 to 3500 PSI. Standard features include a roll cage frame, down stream chemical injection, a 12V ignition system, and a variable pressure wand.
Model 41-530B, 41-430DB
12V Belt Drive on Wheels
For a job requiring more power and output, the 41 series Belt Drive on Wheels produces 4 to 5 GPM, and a 16-horsepower engine. It's designed for durable transportation with a roll cage frame, and requires no external electricity to get the job done. A few standard features include a fuel-efficient combustion chamber, a shock absorbing engine base, and a wire braid discharge hose.
Model 42-430, 42-430D, 42-440, 42-530
12V Heavy Duty Skids
These heavy-duty skids are available with a vertical fired heat chamber. They deliver 4 GPM at 4000 PSI or 5 GPM at 3000 PSI. A 12V burner system is standard and an optional Honda engine can be installed. This line also comes equipped with low water shutoff protection, an auxiliary gas tank, and a shock mount plastic battery box. A van hood, four wheel kit, stainless steel float tank, and high pressure soap are also available as dealer installed options.
Model 42-430G, 42-440G, 42-530G
110V Heavy Duty Skids
These high-powered heavy duty skids are available with a vertical fired heat chamber. They deliver 4 GPM at 4000 PSI or 5 GPM at 3000 PSI. Standard equipment include 110V burner system, calibrated detergent mixing ability, a high capacity generator, and a stainless steel float tank. Factory installed options include a Cad Cell Flame Sensor and Honda engine. Wheel kits are also available for these models as dealer installed options.
Model 42-530LD, 42-530GLD
12V & 110V Heavy Duty Skids with Horizontal Heat Chamber
A horizontal fired heat chamber with top exhaust sets this 42 model and 43 series heavy-duty skid apart. They are available with a 12V or 110V burner system, and have a flow output of 5 GPM at 3000 PSI. Both units are fit with a stainless steel control panel and stainless steel float tank. They also embody circuit breaker protection, automatic electric burner ignition, and a high limit temperature shutoff system. Factory installed options include a Honda engine, Cad Cell flame sensor, and more.
Model 45-440G, 45-440GD, 45-530G, 45-530GD, 45-630G, 45-630GD
110V Industrial Skid with Steam Combination
The 45 series is a 110V industrial skid with a steam combination. They deliver 4 to 6 GPM at 3000 to 4000 PSI. Each machine has a GFCI protected auxiliary outlet, lifting eyes, and an easy access service door. This line is available with either a gasoline or diesel driven engine, a water separating fuel filter, and a zero pressure unloader. Wheel kits, downstream chemical injection, and a van hood are accessible as dealer installed options.
Model 40-320
12V Economy Belt Drive
The 40-320 model is designed to be economically feasible and easily portable. It has a belt driven pump, belt driven burner, and comes equipped with a Honda engine as a standard feature. This unit rests on a heavy duty skid base with a durable powder coated frame and schedule 80 steel pipe coil. Dealer installed options include a down stream chemical injector, draft diverter, and four wheel kit.
Model 43-530
All LP Fired
This self contained unit delivers 5 GPM at 3000 PSI, and requires no external electricity to operate. It runs completely on LP gas with a Honda engine and Millivolt Ignition System. Standard features include a heavy duty skid frame, stainless steel float tank, and a 100 pound LP tank holder. A variable pressure wand can be installed as a dealer option, as well as a draft diverter, down stream chemical injector, and four wheel kit.