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Portable Pressure Washers

13, 14 Series

For a job requiring high pressure, steam, or a combination of both, these portable pressure washers are designed to go wherever duty calls. A new insulation system engineered for greater efficiency and easier service ability makes the 13 and 14 Series unique. With a custom molded, corrosion proof polyethylene fuel tank, ceramic plunger belt-driven pump, and an exclusive panel of diagnostic lights and ground fault protection, this series is seated in a class of their own.

Self-Contained Pressure Washers

40 Series

The AaLadin Cleaning Systems 40 Series Self-Contained Pressure washers are industrial strength washers designed for convenient transport to the cleaning site. Within this series, a range of 3 GPM to 6 GPM, and 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI is offered. None of these models require external electricity to be operated, and each unit is built with heavy-duty components to withstand rough transportation conditions. These self-contained units can be mounted on trailers or set inside vehicles, placed in the back of trucks or pick ups, or used on the decks of ships and cabins of airplanes. Every unit in the 40 series is powder coated, contains Beckett Burners, and comes with gasoline engines rated at 5.5 HP to 20 HP, or diesel engines rated from 10 HP to 18.8 HP.

Stationary Pressure Washers

Series 3000, 5000, 6000

These Stationary Pressure Washer Systems are designed for fixed-base operations, and built for dependability and rugged use. This series makes short work of tough jobs, with exceptional power to get the job done in a time efficient manner. With 1200 to 2500 PSI high pressure, 500 PSI steam, and 6.7 to 12.0 GPM, the 6000 Series is engineered for the most vigorous of tasks in mind. For all of your fixed-base operations, needing first class power, this series has the highest level of performance in Stationary Pressure Washers.
16, 17 Series

In this series, you'll have the option of Portable or Stationary Pressure Washer Systems. With PSI ranging from 1600 to 3000, and GPM from 4 to 5, these washers are designed for power, convenience, and dependability. Whether you need equipment for fixed-based operations or those requiring mobility, this series will provide options to choose the apparatus best suited for the task.

Economy Power Washers

12 Series

This line of combination units and cleaners is a great choice for jobs that require steam and high pressure at reasonable cost. The 12 series models are economically priced and loaded with several standard features. With an Exclusive Combustion Chamber Insulation System, pressure ratings from 300 to 3000, and Flow Output from 2 to 4, the 12 Series has little competition in it's price range.

Parts Washers

Series 2000

There are four models to chose from in this series of Parts Washers, with gallon capacities ranging in size from 40 gallons to 260 gallons. The 2000 Series has motor horsepower starting at 3, reaching up to 15, depending on the model chosen. These quality parts washers, made of 10 or 12 gauge steel, with dual-zone quick service filters, prove to be at the top of their class in performance.

Water Heaters

600 Series

The 600 Series has a High Efficiency Schedule 80 Coil, Fuel Efficient Combustion Chamber and a Cad Cell Flame Sensor. A Waterproof Ignition Transformer adds to safety and a heavy duty Tubular Steel Frame is going to keep this water heater in place on stationary models. For efficiency, safety, and quality, there's no better water heater than the AaLadin Water Heater 600 Series.

All Electric Pressure Washers

8000 Series

The 8000 Series is a hot water washer that's electrically heated and monitored for the utmost in high pressure cleaning equipment. It is a powerful washer, capable of producing pressure from 1200 to 3000 PSI and water flow from 2.0 to 4.0 GPM. Equipped with heavy-duty, removable high pressure heating elements that heat the water instantly, this washer is rigged to monitor water flow, water pressure, and water temperature. The innovative design of the 8000 Series includes state-of-the-art controls, and safety features as well. All controls on the machine are 24 volt, with optional remote controls available. If the job calls for an extremely reliable, electrically-heated hot water washer, the only place to look is the AaLadin 8000.