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Metal Treatment

Hydro-solve™ - Product# 513
This non-corrosive, aluminum-safe cleaner cuts through oil and grease without the dangers associated with caustic cleaners. Contains corrosion inhibitors and is completely biodegradable.
Aluminum Safe Metal Cleaner- Product# 228
A special cleaner that is aluminum safe and non-caustic. Ideal for light oils on soft metals.
Pre-Clean™ Plus - Product# 229
A heavy-duty version of formula 228 that removes grease and carbon from steel or aluminum.
Cast Iron Cleaner™ Plus - Product# 251
  Extra heavy-duty powdered alkaline cleaner designed to remove heavy grease, heat treated oil, limited paint, rust and carbons. It has greater efficiency over longer periods of time than other cleaners.
Spray Kleen™ Plus - Product# 224
A specially formulated non-nitrite low temp formula designed for parts cleaning of a variety of metals in high pressure spray-jet cabinets & conveyer washers.
All-Clean™ Plus - Product# 227
This low-foam formula is designed for parts cleaning in high pressure spray-jet cabinets. Ideal for automated dispensing systems and water-reclaim units.
Cast-Away™ - Product# 250
Extra heavy-duty liquid alkaline cleaner designed to remove rust, limited paint, carbon, and grease from steel and cast iron in high pressure spray applications.
D-Scale™ - Product# 5620
A liquid acid concentrate that is designed to effectively and easily remove lime, iron, and scale from surfaces with little effort. USDA approved, low-odor and biodegradable.
Cast Iron Cleaner - Product# 251
Extra heavy-duty powder alkaline cleaner designed to remove heavy grease, heat treated oil, limited paint, rust and carbons. Not safe on soft metals such as aluminum.
Buster™ - Product# 5621
A Super concentrated blend of acids specifically formulated to remove lime, rust, iron, & scale.
Natural Solve™ - Product# 241
Uses special biodegradable citrus solvents for removing latex and acrylic paint from most metals with a wonderful citrus fragrance.
Lock-Out™ - Product# 122
This Molybdate-Free phosphatizer produces an iron phosphate coating that provides exceptional paint adhesion to that of untreated metal.
Metal Prep™ - Product# 119
A one-step product that produces a phosphate coating on clean steel, aluminum and cast iron. Easy to use and effective.
Iron Kote™ - Product# 120
One step acid cleaner, stripper and phosphate coater. For use on steel, aluminum and cast iron. Rinse with a diluted solution to enhance paint adhesion.
Zine Kote™ - Product# 121
Provides maximum protection against corrosion. Produces a zinc phosphate coating on clean steel, aluminum and cast iron.
Metal Seal™ - Product# 285
Liquid rust inhibitor and alkaline cleaner designed as a combination wash, rinse, cleaner and preservative for all ferrous metals.
Rust Prevent™ - Product# 290
A rust prevent for a wide variety of applications. This formula leaves a long- lasting protective coating on steel and cast iron.