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Fleet Washing

Laser™ Presoak - Product #9146
Our LASER presoak is designed to quickly loosen tough road film, soils and grime from tractor trailer trucks. Ideal for washing fleets with polished aluminum. Works exceptionally well on tankers, back doors, bugs and windshields.
Detergents specifically designed for cleaning tractors, tankers, buses and vans:
Fleet Kleen™ HD - Product #9140
Our best selling super-concentrated cleaner formulated for fleet washing. Provides superior soil penetration and removal with a pleasant spring mountain fragrance. Can be used as a presoak or exterior wash in fleet wash systems.
Super Red™ - Product #9114
Our premium, super-concentrated exterior wash is 100% active. This special blend of surfactants and alkalinity is optimal for grime and road film removal on tractors and tankers.
Road Pro™ - Product #431
Simply mix the contents of this kit with water to create a Premium fleet wash detergent. Has excellent foaming action allows for longer dwell time. Exceptional at removing tough road film & grime from cars, vans, buses & tractors. Contains a citrus fragrance for maximum customer appeal.
Detergents specifically designed for cleaning trailers, dump trucks, box trucks, trash trucks and heavy equipment.
Trailer Brite™ - Product #355
Our most powerful heavy-duty cleaner ideal for tractor trailers. Highly concentrated to loosen and penetrate severe road film buildup. Not to be used on polished aluminum.
Power Kleen™ - Product #9115
A heavily built detergent powder ideal for the presoak application. It’s high pH cuts road film and grease easily, yet rinses quickly.
Road-Warrior™ - Product #441
Simply mix the contents of this kit with water to create a Heavy Duty fleet wash detergent. Exceptional at removing heavy grease,oil, & grime from heavy equipment, box trucks, trailers, dump trucks & trash trucks.
Trailer Brite-E™ - Product #434
Trailer Brite™ E is our Drum-in-Box kit designed for heavy duty cleaning of trailers and equipment. The box features three separate containers: two powder portions and a liquid portion which, when water is added, creates the final product. It offers a unique blend of components which penetrate and removes a variety of heavy soils. Trailer Brite™ E is an excellent economical alternative to our popular #435 kit.
Reclaim-It™ - Product #357
A special biodegradable wash designed for use with water reclaim units. Provides chemical separation of oils to be collected by skimmers. Contains the cleaning power of high emulsifiers.
Reclaim-It™HD - Product #215
A special biodegradable heavy duty fleet wash designed specifically for use with water reclaim systems. Its non-flammable and low-foam properties gives it a higher versatility in its application. Its a great choice for oil, road films, and grime removal.
Brite Alume™ - Product #207
A premium combination cleaner and aluminum brightener. Chemically removes oxide film, road film, diesel smoke and brightens in one step while reducing corrosion of metal hinges and rivets. Contains unique corrosion inhibitors.
Citri Brite™ - Product #204
A citric acid-based formula designed to clean and brighten aluminum and stainless steel in hot or cold applications. Helps prevent flash rusting of steel as well as removes light corrosion.
Dyna Brite™ - Product #208
A high-foaming, economical combination aluminum cleaner and brightener. Uses range from industrial applications to low pressure presoaking.
Each of these products help shorten pour times and increase the life of your machinery.
Asphalt Release Agent - #4012
A special blend designed to create a temporary, non-stick, protective surface between the asphalt and the machine applying the asphalt. Applications are quicker and build-up of asphalt is prevented.
Cold Mix Release Agent - #4013
Designed specifically for machines that pour cold mix asphalt that creates a temporary, non-stick, protective surface between the asphalt and the machine applying the asphalt. Applications are quicker and build-up of cold mix asphalt is prevented.
Polymeric Release Agent - #4014
Formulated for equipment using hot asphalt. By creating a temporary, non-stick, protective surface, applications are quicker and build-up of asphalt is prevented. Polymeric Release Agent has superb release capability with most types of performance grade binders and is ideal for Superpave designed asphalt.
Tire Kleen™ - Product #9350
Heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser recommended for tires and engines only. Specially formulated to be effective under the most extreme soil conditions.
Wheel Kleen - Product #9340
One of our more popular tire and wheel cleaners designed to remove brake dust, grime, and carbon effortlessly without using caustics, acids or petroleum solvents. This formula is safe on polished chrome, aluminum wheels and tires.
Shield™ - Product #9240
A super concentrated wax sealant with silicone based polysealant and carnauba wax protection. Has a great cherry scent for maximum customer appeal. Formulated for ultra-fast drying.