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Car Washing

Twister Purple™ - Product# 9144
• Concentrated High Foaming Presoak
• Neon Purple Color With a Refreshing Grape Fragrance
• Quickly Loosens Road Film
• Ideal For Automatic Arches & Self-Serve Bays
Striker™ - Product# 9150
• Low pH Advanced Formula
• High Foaming For Great Vertical-Cling
• Designed For Two-Step Cleaning Systems
• Great At Removing Road Salt & Mineral Deposits
Fleet Kleen™ HD - Product# 9140
Our best selling concentrated carwash detergent. It is exceptional at removing tough road film while generous foam and fragrance gives a great show.
Premium Presoak - Product # 9145
A concentrated, fast rinsing, controlled foam detergent primarily used in automatics. It allows car wash owners to cycle through more cars per hour.
Power Kleen™ - Product# 9115
A heavily built detergent powder ideal for the presoak application. It’s high pH cuts road film and grease easily, yet rinses quickly.
Lightning Kleen™ - Product# 9151
A high foaming, low pH presoak designed for two-step cleaning systems. This non-hydrofluoric formula contains special lubricants for friction washes, yet versatile enough for touchless systems.
Tempest™ - Product# 9141
• Ultra Concentrated High Pressure Wash
• Tough on Road Film
• High Foaming With a Clean Citrus Fragrance
• Builds Revenue With Lower Cost Per Car Usage
Super Red™ - Product# 9114
• 100% Active Detergent Powder
• Easily Dissolves
• Stays In Solution Up To 1lb. Per Gallon Of Water
• May Be Used As a Presoak Or Wash
Fleet Kleen™ - Product# 9160
A concentrated cleaner formulated for frictionless high pressure washing with a clean citrus fragrance. This mixture of synthetic detergents and solvents handle a multitude of cleaning problems.
Hyper Kleen™ - Product# 9111
This is a fast rinsing, controlled foam wash primarily used in automatics. Hyper Kleen is a 100% active detergent that allows car wash owners to cycle through more cars per hour.
Red Raider™ - Product# 9110
Ultra concentrated for a variety of cleaning applications. Provides excellent road film removal. Designed to be used in all automactic or self service systems.
Thunder Yellow Powder ™ - Product# 9117
Thunder™ Powder is a heavy duty powdered vehicle detergent that creates a generous amount of foam on vehicles. Thunder™ Powder was formulated for washing passenger cars and trucks in Automatic and Self-Serve car / truck wash systems and for hand washing. This product is an excellent alternative to some of the more premium priced powders on the market.
FOAM KLEEN LINE - Concentrated foam brush conditioner with a fantastic show for maximum customer appeal.
Foam Kleen Gold™ - Product #9309
Fiesta Colada
Foam Kleen Pink™ - Product# 9310
Wild Cherry
Foam Kleen Blue™ - Product# 9316
Foam Kleen - Product# 9300
Bubble Gum
Dyna Foam™ line is a high-foaming concentrated formula designed for use in all foam applicators. It quickly penetrates all types of soil particles. The high-foaming characteristic enables the product to dwell longer on the surface of the vehicle.
Dyna Foam™ - Product# 9305
White color, unscented
Dyna Foam™ Pink - Product# 9306
Pink color with a cherry scent
Dyna Foam™ Blue - Product# 9307
Blue color with a cherry scent
Dyna Foam™ Gold - Product# 9308
Gold color with a cherry scent
• Foaming Rinse Aid & Protectant
• Available In Vibrant Gold, Blue & Red With a Pleasing Cherry Fragrance
• Contains Real Carnauba Wax
• Ideal In Triple Shine Guns Or Arch Systems
Tri-Shine™Gold - Product# 9250
Tri-Shine™Red - Product# 9251
Tri-Shine™Blue - Product# 9252
Dyna Sheen™ Foaming line is made specifically for the car wash industry as a high-foaming beading rinse aid. These products produce a wax-like finish on the vehicle’s surface. Available in white, blue, pink, and gold with a wild cherry fragrance. Ideal for triple shine systems.
Dyna Sheen ™Foaming White - Product # 9220
Dyna Sheen ™Foaming Pink - Product# 9221
Dyna Sheen ™Foaming Blue - Product# 9222
Dyna Sheen ™Foaming Gold - Product# 9223
Shield™ Product# 9240
• Super Concentrated Wax Sealant
• Silicone Based Polysealant & Carnauba Wax Protection
• Cherry Scented For Maximum Customer Appeal
• Ultra-Fast Drying
Perspective™ - Product# 9260
This silicone-based wax sealant provides instant “sheeting” action that helps reduce water spotting. Leaves an additional layer of protection on vehicles. Very fast drying.
Sheen™ - Product# 9210
• A Concentrated, Beading Rinse Aid
• Gives a Long Lasting Layer of Protection
• Provides Instant Beading Action
• Pleasing Cherry Scent Improves Customer Experience
Dyna Sheen™ - Product# 9205
For automatic and self-service wash bays. This formula provides instant beading of water with long-lasting durability in all kinds of weather. Can be used hot or cold.
Flash™ - Product# 9361
• Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner
• Touchless Removal Of Brake Dust & Grime
• Safe On All Wheels
• Bright Neon Color With A Mountain Pine Fragrance
• Great For Automatics Or Manual Car Wash Systems
Wheel Kleen™ - Product# 9340
Designed to remove brake dust, grime, and carbon without scrubbing! Similar to our popular Flash™ without colored foam.
Typhoon™ Product# 9345
•Concentrated, Foaming TIre Cleaner
•Removes Grease & Heavy Soils From Whitewalls & Tires
•Bright Green Color & Clean Pine Fragrance Maximizes Customer Appeal
Tire Kleen™ - Product# 9350
Heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser recommended for tires and engines only. Specially formulated to be effective under the most extreme soil conditions.
EZ Prep™ - Product# 9497
• Pre-Cleaner And Bug Remover
• Penetrates And Loosens Bug Remains & Road Film
• Safe On All Surfaces
• Brightens Chrome And Shines Windshields
Rust Prevent™ - Product# 290
Super-concentrated liquid rust and corrosion preventative. Provides a long-lasting film on exposed metal underneath all cars.